Saving Childhood Ryan is a website set up by eight organisations (Barnardos, CARI, Children’s Rights Alliance, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Irish Association of Young People in Care, ISPCC, One in Four andRape Crisis Network Ireland).

The aim of the site is to get people contacting their local politicians and urging them to act on the findings of the Ryan Report released last year. All you have to do is locate your constituency on an easily navigable map, put your name, contact email and two lines of an address (to verify the constituency) in the provided form, and click send.

When I filled in mine, a list of all representatives for the area appeared. All are selected as recipients, but you can choose who you want your letter to be sent to. You can also edit the email, or even create your own. One of the major benefits of the site is that the contact details for all representatives are already provided.

If you want to participate in contacting the representative in your area, simply click on the link provided below.

Saving Childhood Ryan


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